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Love not hate...that’s the key to fitness!

Most people come into the new year feeling more motivated than ever! We’ve all eaten a months worth of food in a week, and more chocolate than we’ve eaten all year!

Now we’ve gained half a stone we’re looking in the mirror and hating what we see, questioning ourselves and our choices. Worst of all though is that not only do we question the decisions we’ve made over the Christmas period but most people say some really horrible things to, and about, themselves that essentially amount to being a terrible person.

How does that add up though? We over indulged a bit that’s all… it doesn’t make you a bad person at all! The problem with this approach is that when we are motivated by self-loathing it doesn’t last long. We have a huge hit of motivation for about 2 weeks to a month, but understandably we get bored of hearing bad things about ourselves pretty quickly. We don’t enjoy the process this way and then it feels really hard, and completely unenjoyable. This is exactly why 90% of people who start at a gym in January quit in around 5 weeks.

Let’s try this from the other side and see if it works better…

Let’s say instead of our overindulgence making us a terrible person, look at it logically and say we haven’t treated ourselves as well as we should with foods that aren’t not good for us. So let’s make the decision to treat ourself better with good quality food, in the right amount and do some exercise that makes us feel good. You don’t have to go to a gym or run you know, do you enjoy dancing? Take a dance class. You like swimming? You get the point, do something physical that’s fun! This way we enjoy the process, build new habits, have fun and guess what the consequences are? We lose fat, get some more energy and feel awesome!!

Making the process fun and positive, without a particular goal other than enjoying yourself and feeling better leads to way better results in the long run. Why would slogging away doing something you hate work better? It doesn’t make sense now does it?

Love yourself, have fun and you’ll be surprised what happens!!

More specifics to come in the next blog post next week 😃

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