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Owner & Senior Coach

I’m Mike Brake the owner of Bournemouth Personal Training. I've been in the fitness industry for over 16 years now and I really want to change people’s perception of what a gym can be! We are redefining fitness and I’d love to help you feel better, move better and enjoy life!



Nutrition & On Demand Coach

I have a passion for making people understand about foods! Trying to educate you on learning to be able to eat anything you fancy without having to cut out anything or restrict yourself and be miserable! I've been there and its not a good place to be. It’s all about balance so let me show you how to be happy and enjoy food without guilt!
Also I’m keeping you all up to date with your workouts online and making sure your all progressing with fantastic results Currently in training to be able to get qualified and in the gym to start training members!



Coach & Physiotherapist

I have always been passionate about health and fitness, and it’s now a foundation of my life.
I am enthusiastic on building on the basics and seeing the impact this has on clients. Being in a gym or into fitness is more than just looking good, it’s about longevity and enabling us to live our best life.
Also as a qualified physiotherapist the importance of a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of our life is at the heart of my training.

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Coach & Massage Therapist

I have over 6 years experience in the health, fitness and leisure industry and my own personal lifestyle is heavily surrounded by sports and exercise.
My passions are focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation, soft tissue pain relief, developing flexibility and using my knowledge of anatomy and physiology to improve movement patterns.



Coach & Children's Therapy Technician

Health, sport and exercise have been a massive part of my life from a young age. I have a passion for helping clients achieve the goals they set out for themselves and educating them along the journey. As a children's therapy technician i have a keen interest in youth fitness, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

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