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"In the last year Mike has been a massive part of my life without realising it.


What started as a means of managing osteoporosis evolved into a brilliant training regime, which progressed to us then taking a look at my diet. With this combination of food and training my body really responded. Utilising Mike’s vast knowledge and gentle guidance I put 100% effort into this and it resulted in a huge body fat reduction. Consequently I feel fantastic but more than that I have a much greater understanding of how my body works and how to get the best from it!


I have recommended Mike to both my sisters and my son, so I definitely trust him and would recommend him to anyone else who needs to lose some fat or has any type of injury, he definitely knows his stuff


- Irene (60), Ferndown"

Personal Training

Most people have a preconception of what personal training is, unfortunately it isn't always good. Let Bournemouth Personal Training show you what personal training can really be and click here to arrange your free Private Personal Training Session & Assessment.

In a nutshell we believe personal training is the best vehicle in the world for helping you achieve physical goals you didn't think were possible, take Irene for example she's trekked to Everest Base camp in February 2018 and she could barely walk a few miles without back or hip pain when we met.


More than that its about redefining what Fitness, the fitness industry seems to think everyone should look like a fitness model at all times! That's impossible! Even the models don't look like the pictures, due to post production. Fitness is all about being strong, feeling confident and being empowered!


I'm looking forward to speaking to you about about your dreams and goals soon.


- 2 sessions p/week = £280 p/month

- 3 sessions p/week = £390 p/month

- 4 sessions p/week = £480 p/month

We Pride ourselves on giving the best overall service possible and making your experience truly personal and unique! We believe in adding value so with all packages you receive access to your trainer via messenger whenever you need help and you now receive our Nutrition Package, The 54321 Plan Absolutely FREE when you sign up as a personal training member!

Options are also available to train with a a friend in a 2-1 session, we also have options for 3-1 and 4-1 if you would like to arrange a small group of friends to train together. Contact us for more details on these options.

All monthly memberships come with a minimum term of 3 months.