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Our personal training packages are designed to fit your current lifestyle.
You can simply choose the number of  one to one sessions you have each week.

In these unprecedented times we know how important your health can be and also how working from home has become a massive benefit to some people. So we also have the option to create a hybrid membership where you can train from your home using Zoom and / or come along to the gym for your sessions.

Below are a few different packages for you to get an idea of prices, but all these are able to be changed and tailored to what you need. Please get in touch and we can figure out what works best for you.

Personal Training: Our Classes


Each membership comes with the following-

  • Exclusive use of the gym studio

  • Book and amend sessions online at times that suit your lifestyle

  • Monthly assessments (optional)

  • Personalised, tailored programming for your goal

  • 2 x Guest passes so you can bring along a friend or family member

£215 / MONTHLY

1 PT Session / weekly

£420 / MONTHLY

2 PT Sessions / weekly

£575 / MONTHLY

3 PT Sessions / weekly

£750 / MONTHLY

4 PT Sessions / weekly

Personal Training: Rates
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