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How’s your New Years Resolution Working Out?

About now most people are giving up on resolutions, dry January is over, doing the same gym routine is boring, you miss the couch, you miss chocolate and pizza. Yep, sounds familiar, but here’s something you might not know…

You actually did it! If you do something for 3 weeks solid it becomes habit (well it depends what you read about this stuff but it’s something like that). You know why it feels like it hasn’t worked though, and why you’re ready to head back to takeaways and sitting down? Because the fitness industry made it absolutely impossible for anyone to achieve their goals! There’s a few reasons for this and none of them are your fault, but don’t worry I’ll explain and fix them all for you!

Firstly, the goal itself, every picture you see in a fitness, health and food related article are of people who look like Greek Gods and Goddesses! It’s physically impossible for most people to even look like that with a lifetime of dedication, even those people don’t walk around like that!! It’s great lighting after about 12 weeks of shoot prep, getting lathered in baby oil and being terribly dehydrated at the moment of the photo! On top of that how many of us actually want to look like that? Really think about it for a moment, is that actually what you want for your goal? Or is it what you think you want because of photos in the gym, on Instagram and the internet as a whole? At least 90% of the people I ever trained actually just wanted to be in a bit better shape and ‘FEEL’ better! That’s the important bit, you want to feel good and move well, have more energy right? Ok so that’s the goal part, we can reassess our goal to feeling and moving better, as well as having more energy? Thinking about it like that now… how’s your resolution working? You feeling a bit better? Sleeping better? More energy? If the answer is still no let’s move on, if it’s yes and interested feel free to keep going 😃

Reason number 2 you’ve been messed around by the fitness industry, gyms themselves! Big corporate gyms are based on a business model of you not coming! Let that sink in, if all their members came regularly, as they say they want you to, every single gym would be overfilled at double or more is absolute max capacity by health and safety. This is why you get no guidance when you start, not really you had some one just walk you round and point at a load of knobs and buttons on machines right? You need progressive programming to get results, it needs to change and push you to do new things week on week. Also that’s a lot more interesting than doing the same machines every time.

Last thing is the nutrition side. It’s almost impossible to make sense of the amount of nonsense that’s available online, see our last post to see about the idea of the word healthy.

More to come in the next blog about nutrition.

If you want help with any of this but you’ve signed up to a gym membership so you don’t want to commit to anything new, then try out our online programming which works in almost all gyms and is only £25 a month! You can even have a home version if you like and it’s a progressive plan that challenges you in every session as well as updating with new workouts every 3 weeks 👍🏻 All exercises come with a full video of how to do it and what to look out for.

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