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The New R&R: Release & Reactivate

What is release and reactivate? It’s the reason why our system works long term and traditional physio, massage and chiropractic treatments only work for a few days.

Essentially these treatments all focus on releasing a sore/tight muscle or joint. You get a sore lower back and your massage therapist gives it a good rub, it feels better… magic!! Right? Well kind of… have you noticed how a few days later the pain starts to come back? That’s because the sore muscle was released and relaxed in the treatments, but your body was never taught what to do instead of use the tight, sore muscle.

Let me explain.

Most pains we get are caused by one muscle working too hard, and the opposing one not working enough. It is more complicated than that in all honesty, but essentially that is what’s going on. So what we do is release the overactive one as in the treatments above, but then we activate the muscle that should be doing the job of the overactive muscle. This is the missing link!

Imagine a child doing something wrong, you tell them what not to do it, they get frustrated and have a tantrum, that’s usually because they don’t know what else they’re supposed to do as you haven’t told them. Then they do that same behaviour again, parent gets mad, kid throws another tantrum and gets told off, a vicious cycle.

This is the same as your body. You get a pain in your low back because the muscle at the side of your spine is working too hard and your glutes (butt muscle) aren’t working properly. However, you have a massage and tell your lower back not to work, next time you sit at your desk or pick something up your lower back works too hard again and it hurts. You know why? Having that massage never told your body the right way to do that job and use the glutes! It only knows how to use your lower back and this is where the new version of R&R comes in, Release & Reactivate!

Want your nagging pain to go away permanently? Get in touch and have us use this therapy technique today! Don’t live in Bournemouth don’t worry, we can do this on Zoom as well!

I’m looking forward to helping you soon!

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