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"Mike has helped me a lot... Finally after many years I have achieved my goals. This is the first time in my life I can honestly say I like my body and my lifestyle at the same time. I really never thought exercise could be fun, but Mike proved me wrong! He's qualified and experienced; every workout is personalised; the instruction, motivation and atmosphere are all great!

I trust him 100% and highly recommend him! Plus its not as expensive and the benefits have been huge!!"

- Adriana (26), Bournemouth

Physical Preparation Training

Bournemouth Personal Training has been achieving incredible results for the last 9 years and now we're able to offer these amazing results in Semi-Private sessions! 

The brilliant thing about the way we design these sessions is that your program is always designed specifically for you and your body. The session has a unique template that means you can enjoy the session together as a team (of no more than 6), while still having a program for only you, so you can still achieve your goals, not the goals of the person next to you like in a standard gym class.


Whether you want fat loss, strength or toning, we can achieve this while also targeting your body's little aches, pains and niggles at the same time! It might be something small that you think is normal, like a stiff back at the end of the day or tight shoulders when you finish work, all this can disappear whilst you lose weight and get healthier at the same time!


On average people lose 12cm and achieve a Relative Fat Loss of 18% in their first month!*

The Program:

Our programs progress every 3 weeks, we upgrade your exercises and you move closer to your goal! Everything is progressed at whatever pace you need it to be, but just know you will be pushed! We all have a great time and that's a vital part of our program. We love to bring everyone together with a 'Team Challenge' at the end of each session. 



The environment is very supportive and you can of course contact me outside of your sessions with questions, queries or anything else at all. If you also join the 54321 Nutrition Program you have access to all our latest and greatest nutrition tips, you'll also have the ability to ask any nutrition questions you like at anytime and receive a full video response usually within 24 hours.

How to Join:

You simply pick a time you want to come (see below), then you decide if you would like to come on Monday or Tuesday, this will be your Upper Body focused day. Then you pick between Wednesday and Thursday as your Lower Body focused day. As a complementary part of the program you also receive access to our Friday Funday Sessions, these are whole body session with a big focus on fun and are loved by all! 

Early Morning Crew - 6:30am


Mid-Morning Meeting - 10am

Early Evening Group - 5:30pm

Team Last to Leave - 6:30pm


Only £165 p/month

Less than Half the Price of Personal Training 3 sessions p/week

Minimum of 3 Months

*Relative Fat Loss means the amount of fat lost as a percentage of what you started with. Example: If you started with 30% body fat and lost 3% you have a relative loss of 10% as you have lost 10% of the fat you had on your body when you started the program.