Whilst closed and doing Zoom sessions we were busy putting in place a number of improvements and safety measures to help ensure everyone stays safe.

  •  We’ve created new workout areas to help use our space better and help you keep at a safe distance from other members

  • We have anti-bac available for when you enter and throughout the sessions

  • We’ll be using an infrared, contactless thermometer to check everyones temperature before entering the studio

  • We have created a means for people to train both online and in the studio simultaneously so you can come to the gym or stay at home to workout based on preference and time, but this also means we can keep numbers down in the studio

  • We have brand new flooring and will be marked to help you keep distance

  • We have repainted the whole gym studio to freshen it up!

  • We’ve also created an outdoor workout area to again help with spacing. 

  • We are currently paperless with all our workouts which means all your programs are on your members app and everything can be logged as you go so you can keep track of your progress!

Most importantly we are a small, family gym and we know all of our members personally, which helps us greatly in the mission to keep everyone safe. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our training family.



Unit 6
5 RL Stevenson Avenue

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