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"I had suffered with pain and discomfort in my neck and hip for well over 10 years and tried virtually every kind of therapy. From chiropractics to acupuncturists and several physiotherapists it was always the same: 30 minutes treatment followed by short term pain relief, followed by another treatment 3 weeks later. So, as you can imagine, I was sceptical when Mike told me he'd get me pain free in 6 to 8 weeks! 8 weeks later, I now have good posture and am pain free. I have also acquired all the tools I need to keep me pain free for life. 

Session with Mike last 90 minutes on a weekly basis, along with "homework" exercises during the week. So be prepared for some fairly intense work. There are no gimmicks or miracle cures involved in this treatment. Mike works on muscle imbalances throughout your whole body and prepares sets of exercises which develop as you progress. You take a video recording of each exercise, to play back at home. These videos are invaluable as each exercise is tailored to your personal needs. 

From my first meeting with Mike it was clear to me that he was an anatomy "genius", combine this with the enthusiasm he has for what he does and a passion for achieving your pain free goals with you, I could not give Mike any higher recommendation."

- Rob (48), Bournemouth

8-week Wonder Cure

Rob's kind words say it all, and he is just one of the numerous people Bournemouth Personal Training has been able to help get out of pain and reclaim their lives using this system.

It's a very simple system and below is a basic breakdown of how it works, please bear in mind that everyone is individual so the structure may vary slightly:

Week 1 - A thorough assessment is conducted to discover the true, underlying cause of your pain, it isn't usually                     what you expect. You're also given some simple homework exercises to get you started right away.

Week 2-4 - We start to build on your daily homework (which takes no more than 10-minutes at a time), with                                exercises to create a solid foundation of real core strength and functional balance in your body.

Week 5-6 - By this time your pain will be around 75% gone, as we continue to improve your strength and balance.

Week 7-8 - At this stage most people are out of pain and we focus on small tweaks to homework in these final 2                        weeks. We also make sure you have a "toolbox" of self-assessment tools and exercises to keep you                            pain free for life!

Price & Payment Options

8-week Course = £400

- 2 payments of £205 before sessions 1 & 5

- 4 payments of £105 before sessions 1, 3, 5 & 7

- 8 payments of £55 before each session