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"This food plan has completely changed the way I see food. The 5-4-3-2-1 plan showed me how your body isn't actually hungry for calories it wants nutrients. Following along is so easy! You just eat the foods you're asked to and you can have a treat every single day, if you eat those foods first!  Also the Facebook group is so supportive and its a lovely group of people, I'm now helping to answer people's questions in the group and that feels great to!

The weirdest thing though, once I started eating the 54321 way I stopped wanting the treats! I just didn't want it anymore! I didn't 'try to be good' and go without I just honestly don't want them anymore and eat completely differently! You can see from my pictures the difference it has made, of course I've trained hard alongside the food plan, but this really was the difference maker to get me to this place where I'm really happy now."

Bobbie, Parkstone (31)

5-4-3-2-1 Nutrition Plan

Bournemouth Personal Training is now offering what could be the simplest ever nutrition plan that actually works! As part of the plan you are provided with helpful trackers, and supportive online group and expert, personal guidance that is available every single day, you don't have to wait for your weekly meeting like with well known weight loss companies. 

Our system is based on changing your eating habits subconsciously so the results last for life, we only need 3 months from you. You will not be given a list of meals to cook, where you've never heard of half the ingredients before, you'll be expertly guided through adapting your current diet and see results you can maintain for a lifetime. Our main belief is in Subtraction by Addition, I know sounds wrong, but as soon as you tell anyone to cut something out of their diet its all they can think about! So we say, eat whatever 'treat' you like as long as you eat all the things on your 5-4-3-2-1 Tracker first!

Here's the basics, you have to 5 Vegetables , drink 4 bottles of water (bottle provided when joining), eat 3 different Fruits, eat 2 sources of Lean Protein, then you can have your 1 Treat. Do that everyday and with the guidance from your Nutrition Coach, the group and the eBook provided on joining you'll be stunned by what you can achieve!

Join now even if you don't want to train with us :)


£30 p/month 


(When combined with a Semi-Private or Personal Training Membership)

All monthly memberships come with a minimum term of 3 months.